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State Representative

Rep. Chippendale takes constituent communications very seriously. In order to properly serve those of District 40, the voices of our neighbors, friends and fellow citizens must be heard, and must be valued.

You can reach Representative Chippendale at the phone number in the top right corner of this page, the email address, or for general inquiries you may use this simple form and the Representative will respond in a timely fashion. Including your address in the "Message" section will help to identify what town you live in making it easier for the Representative to prepare to address the issue at hand.

Due to the large number of inquiries we receive, priority is given to the residents of District 40, and we then address the general inquiries on a priority basis.

RI State Representative

Michael Chippendale

124A Johnson Road

Foster, RI 02825, USA
Telephone:  401.497.4495
FAX:  401.397.5452

Office Address:

RI State House

Room 106

82 Smith Street

Providence, RI 02903

Telephone:  401.222.2259

Telephone:  401.497.4495

Office Hours:

January through June, M-S 9am-8pm

June through Dec., M-S 11am-4pm