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  • DLT Problems - Are you having a difficult time getting in touch with the Department of Labor and Training for unemployment related issues? Call or email and Mike and his staff will get you on the right path.
  • DMV Issues - Department of Motor Vehicles can often times create some headaches for folks. If you are having an unusual issue with the Department, contact Representative Chippendale and we'll get right on it.
  • DBR Issues - The Department of Business Regulation can often be the department that is dealing with an issue that your business is going through. Contact Representative Chippendale to see what options there are to expedite the solution.
  • DOH Problems - the Department of Health oversees many areas of our lives, and if there are any circumstances that cause you to need to interact with the department, contact Rep Chippendale.

Legislative Ideas

Many residents have brought ideas to Representative Chippendale about changes to existing laws, or ideas for new legislation.  Your ideas are extremely important to the Rep, and you can feel free to express those ideas to Mike by emailing him, or calling.,

The Residents of District 40 can be assured that any issue that is troubling them, is something that Rep Chippendale takes seriously. Some of the more common issues that constituents bring to Representative Chippendale include the following;

Constituent Services

Legislative Positions

In order for Representative Chippendale to properly represent District 40, it is imperative that he hears the opinions of the people he serves. You don't need to be able to quote Bill Numbers or give the exact bill name, just indicate what the issue is about and what the bill proposes. Then please email the Representative at, or use this form below to let your voice be heard.

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